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Classes at the Montessori International school of Bordeaux

A space dedicated to the child

The organization of a Montessori class is adapted to the size and to the different activities proposed. All material is easy to reach and each child chooses his place to work: on a table or on a rug, according to the theme and the discipline.

The environment is organized in different spaces;


  • practical life
  • sensory life

kindergarten and primary:

  • language
  • mathematics
  • sciences
  • history and geography

A room is especially equipped to teach arts and music.

learning to count with the Montessori material
Math class with specific Montessori material

At the Montessori International school of Bordeaux, the classroom is always neat and tidy, equipped with chosen furniture and decorated with thematic pictures that change according to seasons.

The organization and the decoration are harmonious because the child senses the beauty of the environment and the general atmosphere of the classroom.

The child is motivated to keep his workspace in its original clean state. He learns to respect it and to put away the material when he is done using it.

Children taught us that freedom and discipline always go hand in hand; they are two aspects of the same thing, and where discipline lacks, freedom is not perfect.

- Maria Montessori

a child working on a grammar exercise

The Montessori environment encourages the student to work

The respect of silence is fundamental to favor the child’s concentration. A class can be extremely animated according to the lesson taught (songs or theatrical games) but respects the rules set by the teacher.

The teacher is responsible for the well being of the class. The teacher must keep the class tidy so that the child is not slowed down in his learning process. The teacher has a neat appearance as well as a welcoming and kind attitude.

When all these conditions are met, the student is ready to integrate his classroom and develop his potential.

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