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Kindergarten at the Montessori International school of Bordeaux

Between ages 0 and 6: the sensitive periods

Between the ages of 0 and 6, the child encounters what Maria Montessori calls "sensitive periods" during which the child will be able to learn quickly what he is sensitive to. The Montessori teacher determines such periods and can therefore work through them with the child.

We always favor the child’s development. The environment of the class adapted to his own needs, helps him master order, develop movement and sensorial refinement, develop language, discover math concepts, science and adapt himself to life in community when he is ready and therefore integrate all of these notions on a long term basis.

It is frequent to find children who know how to read as young as the age of three in a Montessori class.

Favor the child’s development

One of the great works of Maria Montessori consisted in the development of specific material, scientifically studied to favor the child’s development.

The student, guided by his thirst for knowledge, chooses his work according to the sensitivity of the moment.
The teacher is there to help him with the notions to learn but does not impose the way the child will reach that goal.

The task of the child consists in building the being he will become. He must not be rushed through the process. The adult will be a harmonious being only if he has lived through these stages of development like nature desires him to

- Maria Montessori

The child learns how to become independent

It is always surprising to see how much children are capable of concentrating on things that they have chosen to do themselves. From a very young age, children self discipline themselves and focus on new concepts of learning. The natural curiosity of the child is motivated by an education that must be optimal. The student then progresses and is happy to learn.

The teacher must train the child not with the intention to teach but rather to learn how to teach himr.

- Maria Montessori

Upon entering school, the student learns to become independent so that he can rapidly take things in hand and be conscious of his presence in school. An independent student will be more conscious of his strong and weak points. He will therefore know where to put more effort and set himself personal objectives. He likes to do his work on his own, knowing that the teacher is present. He attaches less importance to results but rather to the satisfaction of the achievement of the task itself.

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Exercise to favor sensitive development

We try to gather all the necessary conditions to insure a harmonious development of the child by offering him an adapted space, a quality education and qualified teachers.

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