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Languages at the Montessori International school of Bordeaux

English during the first year of kindergarten

One of the fundamental values dear to Maria Montessori is to educate the child so that he finds his place in the world of tomorrow. To reach this goal, English is taught as early as the first year of kindergarten.
Students learn English as a maternal language during their sensitive period to language, and become familiar to the English culture.

Children go through specific periods during which they have psychological abilities and potentialities that will later disappear. This is the reason why, during particular periods in their lives, they develop an interest that will not be there later. The child develops a special sensitivity that forces him to pay attention to certain aspects of his environment excluding all others.

- Maria Montessori

The acquisition of spoken language is done during childhood so that the child simply learns the languages with all their subtle emphasis just by listening and reproducing what is proposed to him.

We use this sensitive period towards language to help the child master his own maternal language but also one or more foreign languages.

On an everyday basis, half a day is dedicated to the study of English, as soon as the first year of Kindergarten.

The study of Spanish and Chinese is optional.

As a student of the Montessori International school of Bordeaux, children have the opportunity to learn the most used languages in the world.

English workbooks in primary classes

As they enter primary classes, children work with official English workbooks made for English mother tongue. Children learn grammar, vocabulary, writing and listening just like English students.

From the first grade, students who wish to and have the sufficient skills can prepare the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (YLE).

These tests, much appreciated by young children, certify their level of listening and written comprehension.

Montessori International Bordeaux: Cambridge young learners exams

There are three levels of difficulties:
starters, movers andt flyers.

A considerable advantage before middle school

The students who have followed this program obtain an extensive knowledge of foreign languages and have a considerable advantage when entering middle school.

Having developed sensitivity towards the English language, they are able to join in a conversation, to read English books, to watch films in English without the use of subtitles.

These students keep their knowledge and obtain excellent results during oral tests (baccalauréat, tests to enter prestigious colleges in France and in English-speaking countries).

Montessori International Bordeaux: bilinguism

A material adapted to children.

International students

In parallel, non-French speaking students follow the same program as the French do. They learn the French language during half days in full immersion and can also study Spanish and Chinese.

The French environment in which they evolve helps them master our language quickly and easily. Our teachers are very attentive to their progress and help through the adaptation process.

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