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Primary at the Montessori International school of Bordeaux

The respect of the French National Curriculum

During primary classes, our school guarantees the respect of Montessori values, but also follows the official National Curriculum. Our goal is to provide our students the necessary skills to feel confident when entering middle school.

Our students also leave primary school with an excellent level of English (comprehension, reading and writing) thanks to a special program in full immersion.

contact nature school
Children naturally enjoy gardening

The individuality and the rhythm of each child

In order to respect each child’s individuality and rhythm, we have put together special individual worksheets for each academic subject. The child works independently and knows how much work he must put into his worksheet each week to be able to finish the program at the end of the school year.
If the student understands and assimilates a notion quickly, he can immediately go on to the next; he might also need additional time to come back to the notion later in order to grasp aspects that he was not too sensible to the first time.

Montessori material developed to help the child

Montessori material is at children’s disposal in the classroom. They use it regularly to approach new notions, and learn to gradually handle the notions without it. Maria Montessori explains that if the child before the age of 7 needs to be concrete, he will grow up to meet the abstract.

It is when the student is ready, and when he is willing, that the teacher helps him handle the abstract part of the program.

At the end of the primary cycle, our students are capable of integrating a class that does not use Montessori material.

Montessori sensorial material in primary class
Art to stimulate creativity needing precision and patience

A richer and wider education

Our students approach new concepts with Montessori material, learn to deal with them thanks to special worksheets created by our teachers. They use official national curriculum work files or files in the English language. Each notion is seen a number of times so that the child easily learns to master the academic program.

At the Montessori International school of Bordeaux, learning langugages in immersion and respecting the French National Curriculum is essential.

Teachers pay attention to their students and nourish their curiosity and thirst for knowledge by proposing interesting and attractive work. Driven by the feeling that they are working for themselves, Montessori students often do their homework on heir own.

The interesting work overtaken and the quality of the education enable the child to acquire a good basis of general culture.

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