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Classes' organization at the Montessori International school of Bordeaux

Work is divided in half days

At the Montessori International school of Bordeaux, work is divided in half days:

  • a half-day in French,
  • a half-day in English.

English is taught by a teacher who communicates exclusively in English to the students regardless of their level, therefore creating the conditions for full immersion. Children learn a second language just like they learned their maternal language. Without much effort, their ears get used to this new language; they quickly use both languages without difficulty.

Spanish and Chinese courses in full immersion are optional.

The organization of half days

Work is organized between periods when children progress on their own, at their own rhythm, and periods when students learn to listen to each other, to join the group and to express themselves in front of an audience. With one hour dedicated to music, one hour dedicated to arts, and two hours dedicated to the practice of sports, the education is complete and enables the child to develop his potential.

The blending of ages is a fundamental aspect of Montessori teaching. Younger children observe and admire the work done by the elder who then show great concentration and often act as examples.

Classes are organized in small groups to optimize the progression of each child. At the end of each trimester and each cycle, teachers fill out a school report for each child. This document is sent to the families who can follow their child’s progress.

During recess, children can exert themselves on a nice grass playground. Children keep vegetable gardens. These gardens allow children to stay in contact with the living, with the seasons and with the laws of nature.

student working on a math evaluation
With practice, the student can concentrate longer

The end of the cycles

At the end of the kindergarten cycle, the child who has studied at the Montessori International school of Bordeaux is used to real working days and has all the knowledge necessary to serenly enter a primary class.

At the end of the primary cycle, the student is independent and self-confident. He has studied every notion of the French National Curriculum programs and has solid basis in foreign languages: English, French and even Spanish and Chinese. He is ready to enter middle school.

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