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Practical information for the Montessori International school of Bordeaux


Children can have lunch at school. They bring their own food and eat in their classroom with their teacher or outside on a nice day. Hot food has to be stored in thermos, as we have no microwaves on the premises because of the potentially dangerous effect on children’s health.

Lunchtime is a period during which children take a break: they are not in their classroom to work or outside to relax.

It is a very personal moment for small children. It is an exception for them to eat without their parents. The young child will choose to eat alone or with his classmates and will choose his own space.

It is surprising to observe small children and their aptitude to organize their meal. Montessori teaching extends to all phases of a school day and we pay special attention to this moment of the day in order to bring the necessary tools to the child for his current and future social life.

Any unnecessary help stops the development.

- Maria Montessori

Children soon become independent in the organization of their meal. They continue to respect the rules of life in community during lunchtime, by eating correctly, by putting away and by cleaning their table.

We will never stop repeating that, when giving children responsibilities, not only do they accept them but they accomplish them with conscience and joy.


The holidays dates are the same as the National Curriculum's calendar for the zone A.

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