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History of the Montessori International school of Bordeaux

The headmistress' experience

A unique education

From kindergarten all through to high school, I was the student of a Montessori International School founded by my parents. I was confronted with Montessori teaching when I was just three years old. I went to school, with a large smile on my face, and received a complete and fulfilling education.

I shared this experience with other students, from very different horizons. I saw them change thanks to this method of teaching as if the time they had spent in the school consisted in a moment of opening and blossoming.

Anyone can perfectly integrate a Montessori class because students (often more than adults) understand that difference cannot be a reason for restraining the need for contact. I experienced this sensitivity despite of myself, as I was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three (with chemotherapy treatment during three years) and alternated periods in the hospital and periods in school without feeling excluded.

Maria Montessori teachings convey essential values to the child and the adolescent: responsibility, self-confidence, and independence. The awareness of their own capacities provides them with a high potential of adjustment and a capacity to continue a scholastic career and later a professional life according to their personality.

A confirmed passion for teaching

After my studies in management at the University of Paris Dauphine, I obtained my Montessori diplomas and was a teacher during six years at the International Montessori School. That is when I developed my passion for teaching. I was so used to Montessori methods, that it felt natural teaching children.

I completed my training by obtaining a diploma in sophrology from the Académie Caycédienne of Paris in order to offer complementary solutions to the child.

Teaching is an occupation that cannot be rigid and reduced to the transmission of basic notions defined as essential and absolute.

It is important to adapt teaching to its time, to modify it according to the evolutions of our society, in order to give the child the knowledge and the comprehension of the fundamental values of his environment.

Open a multilingual Montessori school

Thanks to my experience of teaching and my responsible role as a member of the teachers’ staff, I have decided to open my own school the Montessori International school of Bordeaux in Gradignan (33). I am deeply convinced that Montessori teaching is a relevant answer to the growing questions of parents who are conscious of the limits of traditional schooling, and who want to provide a solid and quality education to their children with ever growing needs.

The teaching of languages is a clear necessity if we want to prepare an individual to a world where he is not restrained to his own country but rather to a world of permanent interaction between nations. The teaching of a second language in full immersion during kindergarten classes has shown remarkable results.

The success of the method

By allowing children to feel confident of their own capacities, and by cultivating that difference, they feel happy to learn, they progress quickly and they obtain excellent scholastic results that help them undertake any particular college study.

The Montessori International school of Bordeaux allows the development of a harmonious atmosphere adapted to the psychological needs of the child. With his rhythm and particularities, the child must be the subject of special attention and deserves an individual teaching, so that he best adapts himself to tomorrow’s world.

Montessori bordeaux : élèves heureux

Happy primary school students

I want to thank my parents for this extraordinary experience and I wish to offer such a blossoming teaching and happy school years to all my students.

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