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Montessori Material in English to Learn the Language in Immersion

Teach English for 3-6 year olds with the Montessori Pedagogy

Maria Montessori did not leave detailed instructions on the teaching of foreign languages. However, in July 1913 in an interview with McClure's magazine, Ellen Yale Stevens - one of her closest assistants and former student - enlightens us:

Dr. Montessori expresses herself as heartily in favour of young children learning a foreign language. She favours the direct conversational method, using games, songs, pictures, and charts. The material for sense-training could be explained in one language as well as another. The sandpaper and script alphabets could also be used, and the proper phonetic combinations given.

For a child to become bilingual, they would have to spend 30% of their time "living" a foreign language.

The module

This training includes one module.

The courses are open to all those who are interested and motivated by the Montessori pedagogy, they can be supported by employers and the employment center.

This training will allow you to teach English to children. There is absolutely no need to be bilingual.

Schedule and Location

The training takes place on Saturdays from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 17:00 in the premises of the Montessori International School of Bordeaux-Gradignan, at 47, avenue du poterie - 33170 Gradignan


Enseigner l'anglais aux 3-6 ans to come

Terms and Booking

Registration required and fees payable in advance by cheque in the amount of 130 € to the order of "Learn Montessori" (non-refundable).

Due to the limited number of places, if you are interested, register quickly on the form of the contact page. Leave your contact information and we will contact you to finalize your registration based on availability.

The reservation will become effective after receipt of payment (to be sent to the following address: Montessori International Bordeaux, 47, avenue du Poterie - 33170 Gradignan).


    We will give you the means:
  • to understand what happens when you acquire a language to better support the child
  • to be autonomous in the creation of new themes
  • to help your child or students learn in time
  • offer as many opportunities as possible for the child to work in a second language.

Simplified Program

    Teach English

  • The origin and evolution of English
  • Analysis of phonetic, orthographic and grammatical difficulties
  • A workshop to use Montessori grammar boxes
  • The various supports and resources to accompany you