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montessori international bordeaux middle school
Scientific Experiments Make Learning Easy and Concrete
Chemistry Class

Respect for Individuality and National Education

Montessori pedagogy adapts perfectly to the pace of middle school. Students work from individualized work plans and progress at their own pace. So, while minimally respecting the National Education programs, their individuality is respected. They can move quickly to the next notion if the previous one is understood without needing to wait for the rest of the group. Teachers are always available to listen and guide the student if a new concept is difficult to understand.

Well respected, the students are happy to come to middle school and work with great seriousness.

The classes are composed of about twenty students.

The students thus follow the courses in the respect of the programs of the National Education in an environment including tools and methods defined by the Montessori pedagogy, thus proposing a serene preparation to the tests of the brevet of the colleges of end of 3rd.

Immersion language learning

The teaching of English and Spanish is part of the common curriculum from the 6th. Chinese is offered as an option.

It is not a question of abandoning the child to themself so that they do what they want, but to prepare for them an environment where they can act freely.
Maria Montessori

Foreign language courses are taught by teachers in their native language. Therefore, the student learns the foreign language in immersion, as if they were in the country in which it is spoken. They quickly acquire an excellent level.

No prerequisites are required in languages. Teachers adapt to the student's level by proposing a personalized progression.

English International Program

Bilingual students integrate into the international program, in order to prepare for British or international exams.

A Quality Education Open to All

Teachers are chosen based on their qualifications, experience, and motivation for the Montessori pedagogy.

Students are welcomed according to the number of places available, after study of their files, and interviews with parents and possibly the children. They integrate the pace of work without difficulty.

The only International Montessori middle school in Aquitaine, the Montessori International middle school in Bordeaux-Gradignan offers quality education with a focus on well-being, self-fulfillment, and self-confidence. Students develop their potential and are well prepared for oral expression in public. They acquire a very good level in languages in order to be able to move towards studies which require diplomas in languages (TOEFL, Cambridge exams, etc).

The requirements of the entrance exams to the superior schools having not diminished, therefore it is essential to maintain a very good level throughout the student’s schooling so that they can choose their way, happy, free, and fulfilled. The success of the method can be seen through the course of the former Montessorian students.