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The Pleasure of Manipulating Montessori Material to Understand New Concepts
The Montessori Abacus

The Child’s Individuality and Pace

In order to respect the individuality of each student and everyone’s own pace of learning, we have set up individual work plans in each subject. The child is self-reliant and knows the minimum amount of work he or she must do each week to complete the school program before the end of the year.

If the student understands and quickly integrates a notion, they can immediately move on to the next; they may need additional time or return later to integrate or deepen notions to which they less sensitive.

The classes are composed of about twenty students.

Each student is unique and must be respected as such.

Respect for the National Education Program

During the elementary cycle, the Montessori International School of Bordeaux must be the guarantor of the fundamental values of the pedagogy of Maria Montessori, while following at a minimum the programs of the National Education system. The purpose of this teaching is to allow the student to confidently enter the sixth grade under the best conditions. Likewise, if the child is forced to leave the school during the cycle, they will easily reintegrate into the traditional system.

At the end of elementary school, the child enters middle school with an excellent level in English (comprehension, expression, and writing) thanks to an English-language education by immersion.

Montessori Material at the Service of the Child

Concrete and scientifically developed Montessori material is made available to students in the classroom. They use it to approach new concepts, or as long as they fail to move to abstraction. Little by little, they learn to detach themselves. Maria Montessori explains that if the child before 7 years old needs the concrete, they then ask to go to the abstract. It is when the student is ready, and when they ask for it, that the teacher guides them toward the comprehension of the abstract.

At the end of elementary, children are able to integrate a class in which there is more Montessori teaching material.

The Richness of Education

Our goal is for kids to be happy to come to school, enjoy working, trust themselves and respect others and their environment.

The Montessori International School in Bordeaux focuses on language learning in immersion and the respect of National Education programs at least in French and mathematics.

Teachers listen to students and maintain their curiosity and thirst for knowledge by offering attractive work. With a strong desire of working for oneself and an interest in what they are doing, the students in Montessori school frequently do their homework alone.

The attractiveness of the work and the richness of the teaching allow the child to gradually build a solid foundation in general culture.