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montessori d'esclaibes history
A unique experience
Happy at school

Training and a unique academic career

Word from the principal

I attended all my schooling, from kindergarten to high school, in a Montessori International establishment created by my parents. The very essence of pedagogy was planted in me as early as 3 years old. I had the chance to go to school every day, with a smile on my face, and to follow a complete and fulfilling education.

I have shared this experience with many students with very different backgrounds. I have seen transformed through this method of teaching as if the time they had spent in school had been a space of openness and fulfillment.

Each child fits perfectly into a Montessori class whose students understand (sometimes better than adults) that differences can not limit openness and contact towards one another. I adopted this sensitivity despite myself because at the age of 3 I was diagnosed with leukaemia (with a chemotherapy treatment for 3 years). Until the age of 6, I alternated between hospitalization and school without the feeling of being alienated from school life.

The pedagogy of Maria Montessori gives children and adolescents the essential values that allow them to develop responsibility, self-confidence and autonomy. The awareness of their own abilities gives them a developed potential for adaptation and an ability to pursue academic and professional paths that correspond to their personality.

The Assertion of a Passion for Teaching

After my degree in business management at the Paris Dauphine University, I obtained my Montessori diplomas and then taught for six years at the Montessori International High School during which my passion for teaching was affirmed. I felt so impressed by the Montessori pedagogy that the use of the materials and the approach to the students seemed obvious to me.

I completed my training by obtaining a degree in sophrology from the Académie Caycédienne in Paris in order to offer complementary solutions to the children.

Teaching is a profession that can not be fixed and reduced to the transmission of basic concepts defined as essential and absolute.

It is imperative to adapt to the time and to modify to the rhythm of society’s evolutions to bring the child the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental values of their environment.

Create a Multilingual Montessori School

With my experience as a teacher and as an administrator, I decided to create my own school. Thus was born the Montessori International School of Bordeaux located in Gradignan (33). I am deeply convinced that the pedagogy of Maria Montessori is a pertinent answer to the ever increasing questions of parents who, aware of the limits of traditional education, are more inclined to offer their child, whose needs are large, a solid and quality education.

The education of languages is a necessity that seems obvious when it comes to placing the individual in a society that is no longer restricted to their own country, but rather to a continuing interaction between nations. The daily learning of a second language in immersion, from kindergarten, provides remarkable results.

The Success of the Method

By allowing everyone to trust their own values and by cultivating differences, children are happy to learn, progress quickly, and get an excellent level of education allowing them to position themselves on any course of higher education.

The Montessori school allows us to develop a harmonious environment adapted to the psychological needs of the child whose rhythm and peculiarities deserve special attention and individualized teaching enabling them to better live in the world of tomorrow.

Coming from a family of five children, I have a more acute perception of the effects of the Montessori pedagogy. All of my siblings benefited from the enormous advantage of a Montessori education complemented by immersion language learning and obtained their high school diplomas two years in advance.

I thank my parents for this extraordinary experience and wish to offer such a fulfilling education as well as providing children with the joy that I had the privilege of experiencing throughout my schooling in order to allow them to choose the path that will make them happy.