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Montessori pedagogy
Montessori values and education
The joy of going to school

Quality teaching adapted to each child

Montessori International Bordeaux guarantees a quality teaching experience adapted to each child with the utmost respect:

  • The values and teaching methods developed by Maria Montessori,
  • While following a minimum of the National Education programs,
  • Language immersion beginning in Kindergarten,
  • Nurturing environments created to enhance work.

The teachers ensure a complete education all the while preserving:

  • The joy in going to school,
  • The promotion and differentiation of each student’s unique personality,
  • Self confidence,
  • Autonomy,
  • The desire to learn,
  • Curiosity.

The child and their personality is considered in order to best develop their unique abilities.

Each student works at their own pace

Each student works at their own pace and is part of an individual pedagogical follow-up, to which they will assimilate perfectly at the end of the school year, all the while being happy to go to school, and while satisfying their thirst for knowledge. By relying on the Montessori material the student will have a concrete understanding of the notions seen in class. The atmosphere is stimulating and the student is happy to come to class and work.

The Montessori International Bordeaux teachers are used to working with precocious children with high potential. They allow them to evolve at their own pace while taking into consideration their sensitivity.

Dys children are accompanied positively and strategies are put in place to best help them in their learning. Differences are valued, each child is unique, and has wonderful qualities to bring to this world.

The best heritage that you can leave to your children is a quality education.
Julien Lefebvre

The child receives a general instruction with specific classes, weekly physical activities (motor function for the youngest and gym for the older children), and arts (fine arts and music). The children are encouraged to develop their creativity. This value, which is fundamental for the fulfillment of the student, allows them later in life to find their own solutions in challenging situations.

The main goal of Montessori International Bordeaux’s education is thereby to educate open-minded beings, who know how to adapt, who have self-confidence, and who respect others and their environment.

While growing, they are capable of choosing their own way and always have the tools to do their best in life in order to have a positive role in this world.