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Montessori Intenational school of Bordeaux: different children

Children who are “different” are also welcomed

When I taught in primary classes, I regularly had children in difficulty or rather who did not have the necessary skills to adapt themselves to a system that uses only one method. Before turning to Montessori teaching, the parents of these children who were desperate to see them suffering in school had often chosen to take them out of the school system.

Classe avec maria Montessori

Maria Montessori in her classroom

Parents generally agree with the analysis made by the teachers: incapability to learn, mental retardation and lack of concentration, hyperactivity…

When working with these children, I realized that their potential had simply not been revealed, that they were perfectly able to succeed and that even if they were “different”, they could develop great capacities.

Children are welcomed as they are

Montessori teaching is based on individual work and the teachers of the Montessori International school of Bordeaux are particularly capable of working with these children.

beautiful Montessori school

Children who are precocious, or dyslexic or have problems assimilating numbers or who show any other signs of “difference” are accepted with their own particularities. We do not want them to be part of a mold but rather to develop their hidden capacities.

The teaching and the methods used to approach new notions are adapted to them, and each child progresses at his rhythm, in the respect of the official French National Curriculum.

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